Yoga Tip…Gertie Ball!’

If you’re like me, it’s been quite a few years since you’ve explored the aisles of a toy store. I actually have a reason to do so resulting from a recommendation from Joyce, my yoga teacher, who just introduced me to the Gertie Ball. What on earth is a Gertie Ball, you ask? (I hadn’t a clue either.) It’s a small, very soft inflatable rubber ball.

The Gertie Ball can be inflated very slightly to function as a cushion during yoga, under whatever body part is uncomfortable. I used it under my sacrum during savasana, or “corpse pose”, and it was quite comfortable. I didn’t even recognize that I wasn’t completely comfortable without it until I used it and felt the difference. It can be found at various toy stores, including Kazoo Toys, which is an awesome resource for safe, non-violent toys of all kinds.

Just remember not to over-inflate it. It should barely have any air in it so that it forms a cushion between you and the floor, like maybe about 1/2 inch thick. Happy savasana!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Tip…Gertie Ball!’

  1. Valerie,Just found your website. I’m a yoga teacher and I’ve never thought of going into a toy store to look for props. Thanks!I can recommend going to Home Depot though (I find a ton of interesting props there).-Richard


  2. Hi Richard,I have my own yoga teacher, Joyce, to thank for that. She is my Iyengar guru and has props everywhere. The latest is “still point” balls that are placed just under the base of the skull for Shivasana (SP?). I am not totally sold on those yet, but many of my classmates swear by them. I do like the Gertie Ball, though! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!


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