God, the Universe, Forgiveness and Stuff

I had my first Course in Miracles study group Saturday night. It was awesome–great people, great video training, and great mind-bending discussion in between bites of hummus and pita bread. I think it was such a success because I had it on the luckiest day of the century…7/7/07…at 7pm…but we actually started at 7:07. How could we go wrong?

We watched the first of a 32-video training series by Ken Wapnick, who is the founder of the Foundation for a Course in Miracles (FACIM) and (I believe) the best teacher of the Course out there, having been involved since the beginning. I had seen this first video before, but just like the textbook, I hear something new every time. At the suggestion of a friend, I just finished reading The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard and it was a phenomenal, compelling read. It covers the Course material–with a really interesting twist. I totally recommend it.

It was fun for me to watch people’s facial expressions, at least those for whom this material was new. They ranged from awe, to glazed-over, to confused, to excited, to I’m-not-sure-what. All of those mental states I’ve certainly passed through at various times when studying this material. In fact if you don’t feel like the earth just tilted off its axis for a moment, you must be in a coma. But it gets easier.

If anyone in the Twin Falls, Idaho area is interested in joining our little study group, send me a note and I’ll give you directions.

Happy traveling and keep laughing at yourself.

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