My Kitchen: Where the Wild Things Are

I have been having a terrible time with my sleep since trying out this new med (Mirapex). I have decided to give this experiment up due to many nasty side effects…but that’s another blog.

I startled awake at about 4:30am from one of several 10-minute “naps” that pretended to be sleep last night. What awakened me was the sound of something falling over at the other end of the house. I immediately assumed it was Mama Raccoon, tipping over the food dish again. But it sounded bigger somehow. So out I went, kitchen-bound. I saw from across the livingroom that the entire raccoon family was having a hay-day in the kitchen. Yep, they all finally figured out the kitty door. Even the “slow one”, who is actually the cutest.

Mama ran out the door upon spotting me, looking back in through the glass door to see how I was going to treat her little ones, I presume. One immediately followed her example and went out quickly. One was too busy trying to climb the wire mesh of the sliding door. The other two were eating. They had really whooped it up in there–the overturned water dish flooded the linoleum as well as the nearby carpet, with the all-too-familiar mud-born paw prints leading away from the scene of the crime. It was gearing up to be another morning I could practice my favorite hobby: mopping the floor and shampooing the carpet. Whoopee!

The three coonlets ran out one by one, not knowing what to make of this two-legged intruder. One couldn’t find the kitty door and was just sure it was somewhere on the sliding door! (Yes, the little slow one.) He finally figured it out, running past me and out with the rest of his family.

I proceeded to mop and sweep and clean dishes and mop…and mop. Went back to bed thinking it was over for tonight, I guess about 5:30. Then, they decided to play broom hockey outside my bedroom door (the other side of which is a little deck). The doormat I believe was a goal of some kind. After 10 minutes of this, I gave up and got up to make my coffee. Ah, where the wild things are…Maurice Sendak was right.

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