Raccoons and Packing

Last Wednesday night, I was unable to sleep (gee, imagine that). So at 3:30 am or so, I got up and began to pack for my extended weekend trip to Boise. I walked through the house several times to get luggage–and STUFF–and the coons were all trying to eat and play in the kitchen. The first two times, they saw me and bolted out the pet door. The third time, they began to run then stopped (what one does, the rest follow) halfway to the door, looking back at me–to see what I was going to do. The rest of the time, they just stayed doing what they were doing, watching me carefully that I didn’t get too close. Of course, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for an indoor photo op.

The littlest one, whom I’ve named Dimwit, is the bravest (probably too stupid to deem anything or anyone dangerous). He is the smallest and lightest in color and is solely responsible for the demise of my lettuce, the scattering of the solar lights, and probably the missing garden shoe. But he has a certain charm. He is the one standing on his hind legs in the one photo!



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