Raccoon Family Update

If raccoons don’t hibernate, then why are mine so scarce now?

I spent some time researching raccoon “hibernation” last night. Although they don’t technically hibernate, they do supposedly go into a less active state during the colder months. What I’ve noticed with my little family is much less activity lately, since it has gotten cooler at night. I have seen them (only one at a time usually) but I haven’t been hearing them playing with stuff in the yard. I see evidence they’ve been here–they will eat the grapes I put on the deck, for example. But the water dish is cleaner than it was in the summer, so they are using it less.

The babies have gotten really big. It’s hard to tell them from their Mom now. I am actually wondering if Mom has moved away along with one or two of the cubs. I haven’t seen her for about 3 weeks–since an encounter with my big white Maine Coon cat, Alex, who decided she had had enough of these raccoon intruders and had a swat-fight with Mama Coon on the deck! Mama Coon didn’t attack back but looked quite startled about the treatment. I chastised Alex and got her into the house before she got herself into trouble. That was the last time I saw Mama.

I began locking the pet door at night about a month ago when the cubs decided to come into other parts of the house and PLAY, including in my bedroom, knocking things over and causing general mayhem. Enough already–everyone OUT! The kitties weren’t been happy about being locked in but now they’ve adjusted. This banishment from the inside of the house might have also led to Mama Coon’s disappearance. But it is also the time for the cubs to be given their independence, so it might have happened anyway.

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