I’m Back!

Now that I have an internet connection and an office with more than 3 inches of space to walk between boxes and furniture, I feel ready to get back on the blogosphere. I thank you for not giving up on me.

This move from Idaho to Washington has been the most difficult move of my life. Other than my husband’s unexpected contract termination upon arrival here in Washington (kind of the reason we decided to MOVE at this point in time), and being in the Pacific Northwest just in time for the 30-year storm, everything has gone swimmingly. Actually, it has gone swimmingly…if one was swimming with a concrete slab tethered to each ankle.

Just after we left, the remodeling of the Idaho house began. It isn’t on the market yet–it has been the Remodel From Hell. So many Oopses have occurred that it is almost funny…except it is keeping us from selling the darn thing. First, the painters and flooring guys got in an argument when the painters weren’t quite done on the day the flooring guys were due to begin.

Then the flooring crew turned on the gas fireplace and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so left in on ALL WEEK, causing our neighbors (across the fence of the backyard) to think we had died or something, and they called the realtor who then called us to report the gas fireplace had been burning nonstop for two days and nights. Then there was some sort of plumbing problem…two toilets had to be replaced due to the new flooring–I still don’t get that part.

Thinking it was almost ready to be listed, we got word that the newly painted base moulding had begun to peel, in addition to scuffs on the walls from the flooring work. Also, the new carpet was lower than the former carpet and the paint does not go down to the bottom of the wall by about 1/4 inch! So painters now have to repaint the bottom of all walls as well as all the moulding. Well, repainting part of the house isn’t the worst that could happen, right?

Carpet guy called today–the dye lot of the carpet was bad causing the right edge of carpet rolls to be a different tone than the left edge, so the seams are visible throughout the house. They even steamed it to see if it was just a difference in the nap, but no, it was the actual dye color. So 2000 square feet of carpet has to be pulled up and replaced. OK…I know you can expect some problems with remodeling projects, but this seems almost comical. OK–what else could go wrong? Maybe a flood or a hurricane?

How about the worst storm in 30 years? Fortunately we are 200 feet above water level, on the side of a hill, so no danger of flooding to our house. But we are surrounded by floods and mudslides everywhere and people who are far less fortunate than us in weathering this storm. The worst we suffered was having to drive over 100 miles on near-flood stage roads to find groceries. Most of the local towns were without power and electricity. We had a few outages at our house, but all less than 2 hours. No biggies. I hear they are evacuating towns all around us as I write this.

As with all things, these challenges are presented for a reason. I don’t know why we are here now, but I do know the greater Plan will be revealed in time. Jon has found a placement in South Dakota, which I hear is downright balmy this time of year. He’ll be working as a Psychologist at the VA on a 6-month contract to start around the first of the year. So much for finally being together in a house…but at least the bills will get paid.

The kitties survived the move, and they sang to us for about 8 hours of the 12-hour car trip. They are adjusting fairly well, although Tigger is losing weight and Manny is getting chunkier. I guess they deal with stress differently, just like people. We are weathering the challenges pretty well, despite a few neurotic moments. Ok, psychotic moments. As my Auntie Flo always said, “This too shall pass.”

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