The Perfect Mop!

I never thought I would blog about a mop, but who knew? The floors in this new house of ours are more than half laminate. The first time I mopped with my old standard sponge mop, the floor looked worse afterward than it did before! Same thing with the cotton string mop. After a fair amount of research, everyone said I have to use a microfiber mop.

I cringed to see what department stores charge for the “swiffer” and swiffer clones, and they are crap! I found this site for the ACT mop, made in Sweden. About twice the cost, but for that investment you get a complete floor care system built like a Mercedes.

I have been soooo impressed with this thing that I had to tell you all about it. It is easy to assemble and maintain, and you use just water for cleaning, eliminating the need for those toxic chemicals. I have been using water with just a little splash of vinegar for tougher spots. But it leaves the floor virtually dry, and these floors have never looked better.

There are two mop head attachments, one for dry and one for wet. The mop heads can be washed hundreds of times and reused, making it far more economical than buying expensive disposable sheets and much kinder to the environment.

I have added the website to my favorite shopping sites (scroll down right column) since this product so far exceeded my expectations!

One thought on “The Perfect Mop!

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