Life Update

I have been spending a lot of time writing lately, but none of it has been for the blog. So I thought I had better update those of you I don’t talk to on a regular basis about all the stuff going on in our lives these days.

Jon was home for a week or so. We hadn’t seen each other in so long that I thought about making a sign with my name on it to hold up at the airport terminal. It wasn’t a laid back visit but it was nice to get reacquainted again.

He met with the local physicians group in Shelton, WA, which is the closet town to where we live that could sustain a full-time Clinical Psychologist. He now has a contract with them and will start in July. Yippee! He’ll belong to three medical groups–two family physician groups and one pediatric, who will all share his services. I don’t think he will be bored.

Our oldest kitty, Tigger, Master of the Universe, has been struggling since our move to Washington in November. The first vet I took him to was relatively inattentive and apathetic, more to me than to him, and said he was just “allergic to Washington”. Among other things, he was inflamed from his gums down to his bum. Constipated and wheezy. She gave him a shot of steroids and a bottle of lactulose and sent him home. He improved in the breathing department, but that’s about all.

So I set out to find another vet for another evaluation of the Tig when the first vet didn’t return my calls for a week. After much searching, inquiring of locals and internet investigation, I found someone who has turned out to be a GODSEND vet in Belfair, which is a little town about 25 minutes from here. Her name is Nancy Isbel, and the clinic is A Country Veterinary Clinic. The best part about her is that she is not only well trained medically, but she also is a certified acupuncturist as well as certified in Chinese herbs! Right up our alley. And she seems to like animals AND people, unlike the last vet. (I know, I am soooo picky.)

Dr. Nancy, as she calls herself, took one look at Tigger’s gums and said she didn’t like the look of that spot. The little area in the back of his upper gum that the other vet said was just “inflammation” Dr. Nancy identified as a probable tumor with a high risk of being cancerous.

So a week later, Tigger was in surgery having 6 tumors removed and biopsied (the one most concerning in his mouth, two small ones on his chin, and two on his back). We nervously began the waiting process for path reports to come in. Early this week, I went in to find out the news. I knew we were going to be ok when the first words out of her mouth were, “You guys must have an angel watching over you.”

All the tumors were benign, except the one in his mouth, which is a pre-cancerous form of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, dubbed “Carcinoma in situ”, which is NEVER seen in kittiy oral tumors. She said the fact that we caught it at this stage is nothing short of a miracle…a God thing, in her words.

So now Tigger is on 6 months of Chinese chemotherapy… a potion of 12 or so different anti-tumor herbs. He is also on another herb blend with Boswellia and Ashwaghandha, which are treating the inflammation in his spine. He gets his stitches out Tuesday of which we will both feel relieved.

Both she and the oncologist did not feel radiation would be necessary at this time due to the nasty side effects, so we all agreed to go the Ayurvedic route. We are so glad ole Tig will be around a while longer. He is happy about that too, although he is NOT happy about the new diet program he is on… but that’s another story.


I have taken a part-time job as a writer for Dr. Joseph Mercola of, one of the best and largest natural health websites in the world. I competed for the position by writing a comprehensive article, and amazingly, I got it. So this is what I meant by doing lots of writing lately. If you haven’t already subscribed to Mercola’s free e-newsletter, I urge you to do so. It is easy to subscribe by going to his website. It is loaded with valuable health information, and I have been a fan for many years.

We closed! Finally we own our house in Union, signing the closing documents yesterday. That’s the good news. The bad news is, we still haven’t sold the house in Idaho. I request you all say a prayer to Saint HouseSeller on that one. We lowered the price a few weeks ago in hopes it would move the process along. Two mortgages. One income. What’s wrong with this picture?

Jamie is still living in Boise and settling in pretty well there. Her roommate ended up moving back to Twin Falls, leaving her with the apartment alone. However, she now has a new roomie. She also has a new job! Actually, she has three jobs. There is a coffee and wine bar (I forget the name), and Outback, and now she is a server at the Cheesecake Factory. She also bought a very used car and looks forward to having transportation, if it ever gets out of the shop. She hopes to drop one of the older jobs in the near future.

No, I don’t have one yet. Actually, that’s not true. I grow beautiful, robust dandelions and thistles and a local shrub called Butcher’s Broom. Very low maintenance and drought tolerant.

Seriously, I have about 8 planters on our very substantial deck, and all are doing smashingly. And I have the plans drawn up for the meandering stroll gardens we will be putting around our little half-acre on the sea. So as soon as we find the money to buy dirt, there will be a lot of land-moving going on around here. I can hardly wait.

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  1. Wow Mercola.comThe Doctor is the ultimate in an alternative health website. That is quite an accomplishment. my first visit here as you were filed under new age spirituality in blogsearch. Guess you wont have much time for blogging now.Much successSeth


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