Apology to Marianne Williamson

Thank you Damon for the note of clarification about the authorship of my quote.

Indeed, it was not Nelson Mandela who wrote the quote below (see posting called “Powerful Beyond Belief” from December 2, 2008). Having done a bit of research this morning, the quote comes from Marianne Williamson in her book Return to Love, published in 1992. So Marianne, I stand corrected and apologize for not giving you your due credit.

I found it interesting that many websites credit the words to Mandela, specifically his inaugural address in 1994. However, I read four separate full texts of his address, and not one of them contained the quote. It would appear that even his use of the passage is a rumor, much less his authorship of it. Perhaps he used it in another speech or literary endeavor, and I certainly did not research everything he’s written or said… but I found no evidence of it in my surfing.

If any of you have the actual citation of where he actually used the passage (not just someone repeating the rumor), please send it to me–now that I am curious!


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