What Should My Vitamin D Level Be?

Here is a very impressive table, research-based, about people’s blood levels for vitamin D and their development of disease. Once you have had your vitamin D level tested (make sure it’s the right one, the 25 (OH)D), then take a look at the table and see where you fit.

The scary thing is, most Americans are deficient. Most of us are below 25 ng/ml. The vitamin D council recommends we all shoot for a level of 50 ng/ml, and looking at this chart will show you why. Dr. Mercola recommends shooting for 50 to 70 ng/ml. If your level is above 60 ng/ml, you can avoid:

  • Half of all bone fractures
  • 83% of all breast cancers
  • 17% of ovarian cancers
  • 60% of colon cancers
  • 54% of multiple sclerosis
  • 49 % of kidney cancers
  • 18% of all lymphomas
  • and 35% of all cancer, overall

Of course, your other lifestyle and genetic factors will add to, or detract from, your risk. But the amount that vitamin D can do all by itself is pretty substantial.

So, if you want a lot of bang for your buck, put some D3 at the top of your shopping list, especially if you aren’t out in the sun on a regular basis.

I recently learned that a very effective, high quality D3 is made by Biotics Research Corporation, called Bio-D Mulsion.

If you want more info on vitamin D and dosing, read my other article on this blog called Vitamin D: The 21st Century Cure.

16 thoughts on “What Should My Vitamin D Level Be?

  1. Yep, I'm sure!

    Good for you for finding a way to do what's best for your patients and overlook the income hit. Your patients will LOVE you for it in the long run–so they'll be paying you for many more years–since they'll live longer!


  2. I am outside all the time I live in california, 3 yrs ago I got the lap band and this past summer I got my band removed due to medical issues. I have tested low 2 times.. 12.5 I'm very tired and very moody. I want to get pregnant and I'm woried that this will stop me. I am takine. Pill that isto taken once a week foor 8 weeks..plus other vita d pills. And calcium. Will his help m prob or will I need more help. Am I tired due to this? All my other las came back fine.


  3. Your vitamin D level, at 12.5, is far too low. My advise would be to consult a Naturopath. Taking calcium is unlikely to help, since most calcium supplements are not in the form that is beneficial to the body. Good luck.


  4. I was amazed when I read all of the symptoms of being vitamin D deficient and seeing just how many I have. I was just tested and my vitamin D level is at 17, I am sure my levels have been low for a long time, but this past year to join my constant tiredness, I get extremely fatigued and I have been having hip and muscle pains. I am hoping taking vitamin D3 will help. What would you recommend as a proper dosage?


  5. Everybody needs a different amount of D3 per day, because everybody absorbs it differently. Dr. Mercola and some of the main vitamin D guys recommend starting with 6,000 IU and 8,000 IU daily. But you HAVE to have you blood level monitored, so that you can adjust it up or down, based on your blood level. Your serum levels need to be above 50 ng/ml (between 50 and 80 is ideal). For more info, refer to this page–lots and lots of info here: http://vitamind.mercola.com/


  6. I have been very tired and all the rest so my Dr. checked my vit. D it was 18. He told me to take vit d.2000 I took 4000. It's been over a month, he checked it again and it's 25. He said fine. What do you think? I did't think that was right so I went on line to check.


  7. I think that's even lower than mine was when I first checked it. Vitamin D that low increases your risk for all sorts of things, including cancer, so you've got to get it up. You should ask your health care provider, but I would take 10,000 units for a month and check your blood again. Keep at that dose until your level is 50-70, then back down to 5,000 units and see if you can maintain it there. Best is to get out in the sun–that's the most efficient way to get it up quickly. Just don't burn… stay out until your skin is just flushed pink, then stop. That's 20,000 units right there. 🙂 Just keep checking your levels until you know what dose it takes you to maintain where you should be.


  8. I have fibromyalgia and from what I have read it is common for people with fibro to have low vitamin levels. The first time I was tested mine was a 9 I took 50,000 IUs twice a week and tested at 6 weeks and only when went to 19 so now Im on them 3 times a week. Should I feel different when I take them, because I can tell no difference at all?


  9. It is common for just about everyone to have a low vitamin D level, fibro included. You're so far from the optimal level at 19 that I wouldn't imagine you would feel any better until you are above 50. Some people don't notice much difference, but even if that's the case with you, it's doing good things in your body. I don't feel any difference when my D level is low versus optimal, but many people feel a large difference. Hang in there and keep trying!


  10. I don't know the answer to that. But the Blood Bank would be able to tell you. No one even tested for vitamin D levels ten years ago, so I would imagine it isn't on their list of priorities, as far as blood goes.


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