No Revolt Yet

It’s been several days since beginning the Raw Food Transition, and I’m still alive.

I’m at the point of doing a 50/50 mix of canned food and raw for each meal. I’ve been tinkering with adding things to see what they’ll eat and what they won’t… not always pretty.

In an effort to try out the egg meal and the sardine meal that Dr. Becker suggests, I have learned they generally won’t eat the raw egg alone, but they will if it’s mixed into the rest in a relatively small proportion (one egg split amongst all five cats.) So that’s what we’ll do for five meals a week, to get one egg per week into each of them.

Much to my surprise, they HATE sardines! So the sardine meal is going to be a real challenge. I tried mixing in a little pumpkin to offset the strong flavor, which was met with frowns and wrinkled noses, and of course, Shilo gagged and walked away. And Manny, being the shy cat that he is, swatted me.

Maybe I deserved it. I wouldn’t like a bowl of sardines either.

So far, no one seems to be wasting away. Shilo is eating enough, and seems to have gotten past the gagging (except for the sardines), and Alex is playing a lot more, which she previously considered beneath her as household princess.

Even Tigger’s mealtime manners have improved. He doesn’t seem to try as hard to steal the others’ food. Even though I am still mixing his meds into his meals, I think he hasn’t figured out he’s still getting the meds in his new food.

All things considered, I think it’s going pretty well.

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