Update From Tigger

It’s now been six months since we all started this raw food diet. I admit, I hated it at first. But you know, it’s really not so bad.

In fact I really like it now.

And I feel so much better than before! I’ve lost a few pounds, and I’m getting rather buff. My dandruff is gone, so I can now sport this great new lion cut. The girl cat across the street’s got her eye on me.

The only thing is, Mom has just started adding raw vegetables to my food. This just started a few days ago. She’s on some sort of a health food kick and thinks we have to be too. I can do the raw turkey and chicken routine. But cabbage and cantaloupe? Bluck!

At least she’s not putting much of it in there. Carrots, bell peppers, cabbage–what does she think I am–a rabbit? At least I get some satisfaction that Shilo has to eat it too.

I had my checkup a few weeks ago, and my cancer is still practically gone. I think my lab test said “pre-cancer,” so the herbs are working. My arthritis is acting up, though, so Dr. Nancy added some different herbs to my regimen. Pretty soon, I’ll turn into one giant green herb.

My sister Alex is having some sort of weird reaction to the diet.

She runs around the house like a kitten, chasing balls, batting around the Christmas mouse, and generally raising Hell. It’s like she thinks she’s 6 months old again! All she used to do is lie around and sleep all the time.

It’s really annoying. I think I liked her better before.

One good thing is–she now chases Bucky off the porch. Bucky is a big black lab who lives next door. He’s pretty nice, for a dog I guess, but he drools. She’s been kicking his butt lately. Really strange.

But all in all, I think this food isn’t so bad, if I could get Mom to lay off the vegetables. Probably won’t happen, but a cat can dream.

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