My Brain Cloud Has a Friend

It’s been two years since I posted anything about my pituitary tumor (aka my “brain cloud,” which comes from one of my favorite movies, Joe vs The Volcano). There really hasn’t been any reason to mention it because the neurologist I saw in 2008 said it was a big nothing.

He told me to have another MRI in two years. So I’ve been thinking I should do that.

Then, a couple weeks ago, I went up to Anacortes, WA, to consult with a mercury-free dentist about removing some old mercury fillings and other dental problems. The first step was getting a dental panorama x-ray, and he had a very advanced scanner which seemed more like a CT of the head. Not only did it image my mouth, but my entire face and skull.

When the images popped up on the computer screen, we were both startled to see an egg-shaped thing “floating” in my head. He said it was a calcified mass of some kind, probably in or near the frontal sinus.

So I put the dental work on hold for a detour to MRI-land, to find out what the heck this thing is.

I actually had two MRIs of the head yesterday–one of the face, and the other of the pituitary and rest of my brain. Being in the jackhammer tunnel for 85 minutes, not allowed to move–even to swallow or roll my eyes except once every 5-10 minutes–was nothing short of heroic.

The radiologist report was done within hours, which was amazing, and I was so glad not to have to wait for several more days, creating monstrous scenarios in my head. Literally.

I have two tumors now. That’s the bad news. The pituitary adenoma, and then this calcified mass in the ethmoid sinus, which is probably an osteoma.

The good news is, the pituitary tumor hasn’t changed since 2008. It’s the same size as it was then, about 9 mm wide. And the osteoma measures only 5 mm, which seems pretty small to me. It didn’t seem to worry the radiologist either. Both are benign tumors. Although, I would like to know why I now have two things growing in my head that shouldn’t be there at all.

The next step is to consult a neurosurgeon (mostly about the pituitary adenoma), since I continue to have headaches every day, without fail. It’s hard for me to believe these things don’t have something to do with my headaches, and perhaps some of my other health issues.

I mean, I have a long history of endocrine imbalances and I’ve been a hormonal mess for years–but having a pituitary tumor just by coincidence? I think not.

My chiropractor is working on getting me in to a neurosurgeon, but I’m told that takes a while. I might have to see an ENT as well, since neuro guys don’t deal with sinus lesions. But I won’t have any more information until my session with the neuro.

That’s all I know at this point.

Here’s a little information about the two tumors:

Pituitary Adenoma

Sinus Osteoma

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