Phone Consult with Dr. Ludlam

I just got off the phone with Dr. Ludlam, the Pituitary Endocrinologist at the Neuroscience Institute at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.  The consult took only took 4 minutes, and it was the second screening call with them, part of their preliminary process to actually going in for a workup.  I think he wanted to rule out that I am not a “looney toon,” basically.

Their intake person is checking on the availability of next Monday (three days from now), due to a potential cancellation. If not, the next available appt. is the 8th of September.

Dr. Ludlam said he might arrive at the same conclusion as the neurologist I saw in 2008–that this adenoma is doing nothing evil to me–but if he does arrive at that conclusion, it will be after a full workup, not based on medical textbooks or statistical probabilities. I said, I can live with that–but if there are dots to be connected, I’d like someone to connect them for me.

He did say that my tumor, although still a microadenoma, is a pretty good sized one, larger than the garden variety pituitary microadenoma. But it’s smaller than the ones he would automatically advise to have surgically removed. I take it that it’s a situation of, leave it alone unless we can prove it’s doing something adverse to me!

Dr. Ludlam also said to expect an IV test for the Growth Hormone evaluation, during which they will administer ACTH (another hormone, which stimulates release of GH) and monitor the pituitary’s response. This is a little more involved than the standard lab test, but I’m glad he’s doing it as part of the workup, nevertheless. And I’ll also be meeting with him and one of his NP’s when I go up there.

I’ll let you know when I have a firm appointment scheduled.

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