Protecting Yourself from Radioactive Fallout with Natural Agents

Raw food guru David Wolfe, who held the Longevity Conference we attended in September of 2010, just posted a podcast in which he gave suggestions for steps to take NOW to protect yourself from radioactive fallout.

The major media is downplaying the seriousness of the risk for us in the U.S. Although the long-term repercussions of Japan’s partial meltdowns (which could end up in full meltdown over the next weeks or months) are largely unknown, as are the effects the nuclear disaster will have worldwide. The West Coast–at least–will be receiving some fallout.

And there is NO safe level of radiation for human tissues, in spite of what you hear.

In fact, some scientists say that even ONE polonium molecule can cause cancer. Polonium is 250,000 times more toxic than cyanide. And that’s only one radioactive particle–there are many more in the toxic cloud.

The time to begin taking some preventative steps is now, to give your body the extra help it needs to build your immunity, strengthen your blood, and reinforce your thyroid gland.

The following are David’s suggestions for the top 10 most powerful natural agents. Wolfe says all of these are safe for children as well. I recommend listening to his podcast for the specifics about how each agent can help prevent radiation toxicity.

  1. Ginseng
  2. Kelp and other seaweeds (high in natural iodine)
  3. Ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb)
  4. Iodine (nascent iodine, Iodoral, or Lugol’s)
  5. Chlorella (being 10% chlorophyll, it’s a great detoxifier–wheatgrass is only 0.25% chlorophyll)
  6. Zeolites (great for neutralizing radiation)
  7. Fulvic Acid
  8. Sea salt or salty miso (combats toxic halides in the body such as chlorine, bromine, etc.)
  9. Reishi mushrooms (strong immune support)
  10. Earthing, or Grounding to the Earth (walking barefoot on the soil, swimming in lakes, etc, allows you to pick up the much-needed electrons from the Earth, which help reverse the damage done by radiation)

Wolfe also recommends high-dose vitamin C, as much magnesium as you can get down (raw cacao is an excellent source), selenium (Brazil nuts are loaded), and coconut products (natural organic coconut cream and coconut oil), which are very supportive to your thyroid.

I would add astaxanthin to the list, which is the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. It has such potent anti-radiation properties that it’s been shown in scientific studies to protect people from sunburn!

Some of these products are available at your local nutrition center. Others you’ll have to order online. Some of the sites I trust for the less common items are:

And Dr. Mercola has excellent Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil and chlorella. Good luck, be proactive!

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