The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I just tried these Paleo Wraps, and they’re fabulous! They’re thin, hold together, and they even taste good. It’s a very thin “tortilla” made of 100% coconut meat and coconut water. Organic, grain free, gluten free, and lots of other frees.

70 calories each, with 4 net carbs

I purchased mine from Olympia Local Foods, but they are distributed through Julian Bakery and available from them by mail. (No refrigeration needed!) They’re NOT inexpensive, but it’s worth it to me for the convenience. I make almost everything from scratch, so I always appreciate a convenience food that’s as nutritious as if I’d made it myself.

Because of the sweetness of the coconut, these wraps make a great background for Asian flavors… Chinese chicken salad, curried tuna salad, a Thai stir fry, or something along those lines. I think they would even be good with a smear of almond butter! If you visit the Paleo Wrap site linked above, there are a number of cooking videos with great ideas.

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