How I Won My Influenza Battle of 2014

Last Sunday, I began coughing. Very unusual for me, as I never seem to have any lung issues. And it wasn’t just a cough… my chest hurt with each cough. I had been unusually tired for a couple days also, but I attributed that to being kept up by my ailing elderly cat… a story for another post.

By the next morning, I knew I’d been hit broadside by the flu. I haven’t battled a flu in more than 25 years. This is the ultimate nightmare for someone like me, with autoimmune issues–already fighting long-standing infections that have my immune system stressed to the max.

I was laid out like roadkill for three full days. By Tuesday night, I felt like I’d have to get better for even the morgue to take me. My choice was to go to the ER and risk being admitted (and also have to deal with the care of my two elderly felines), or just tough it out at home and try to get in to see my awesome doc, Dr. Louise Boxill at Hirsch Holistic Family Medicine. Actually, I would have taken an appointment with anyone at the clinic, but she squeezed me in that afternoon.

She put me on a whole protocol of treatments designed to kick said virus butts. (Do viruses even have butts?)

I finally turned the corner last night, in a big way. I responded EXACTLY as she predicted–like clockwork. So many friends have asked me for the “magic formula” that I decided to do a post about it, because there is no “25 words or less” version.

Keep in mind that Dr. Louise tailored this to me, to my particular health challenges, and she’s been working rather intensively with me now for about six months. But most of this is, I assume, fairly universal to anyone beating down viral invaders, so here goes.

The Honey Concoction

This is a blend to be mixed up in one batch and added to hot water or hot herbal tea (or whatever), one tablespoon at a time.

  • Raw organic honey (approx. 8 ounces)
  • One lemon, peeled
  • Ginger root, 5-6 inches, peeled
  • Onion, 1 medium yellow
  • Garlic, 1 entire head (peeled)

Blend all ingredients (except honey) in food processor. Then mix into the honey, which thins mucus secretions. Since I have a juicer, she said I could juice the ingredients instead of pureeing them. In that case, she told me to add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I don’t know why, and I was too sick to ask.

I tried the concoction in chicken broth, veggie juice, and hot tea. I think I like the tea least–I can’t get past the onion and garlic taste. But it isn’t too bad in the broth or juice.

Nebulizer Treatments

In order to free up the lungs, she prescribed a nebulizer to which the following treatments are added:
  • 2 cc glutathione
  • 2 cc colloidal silver (15-20 ppm)
  • 2 cc nasal saline

Good luck finding glutathione if you don’t have a Naturopath–I have no idea where you might source it, except from a holistic pharmacy. Make sure your colloidal silver is professional grade. These nebulizer treatments were gangbusters!

Other Prescribed Treatments

Vitamin D: She increased me from 6,000 IU per day (my standard dose to keep my blood levels optimal), to 30,000 IU per day for 7 days only

Vitamin A: 100,000 IU daily for duration of illness (this is short term only–don’t do this for too long as vitamin A can be toxic!)

Guafenison (Mucinex): 1200mg extended release, twice daily

Water: lots and lots of water

Those are the basics. She said I had 48 hours to radically improve. If I wasn’t feeling significantly better in two days, I was to start zithromax (antibiotic), because odds would be I had a secondary infection that was bacterial. Since I already have a long-standing mycoplasma infection, my risk for pneumonia is pretty high. I purchased the antibiotic when I was at the pharmacy getting everything else, never believing I would be THAT much better in 48 hours… I was so incredibly ill.

Well, that was Tuesday, and today is Thursday. I don’t even need to use the antibiotic–how great is that?

Things I Added on My Own…

Liposomal Vitamin C: Three times dailyDr. Mercola’s Immune Support Herbal Complex: This is my absolute favorite blend of infection fighters and has served me well for years–I never let myself run out (sometimes a challenge since I tend to give it away to sick friends!). It contains olive leaf, oregano oil, elderflower, propolis, yarrow root and boneset leaf)

Epsom Salts Baths (1 cup salts per tub): To help with the body aches; sulfur deficiency is the culprit in many types of muscle pain, and a knowledgeable colleague told me viruses actually cause sulfur to be pulled out of your muscles, which is why influenza causes such aching. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and it’s readily absorbed through the skin–both the magnesium and the sulfur. I think the soaking really, really helped.

I had NO appetite for four days. That alone could’ve been taken as a sign of my imminent death… my lack of appetite and the fact that I didn’t want coffee–two ominous signs! But I just drank bone broths, fresh juices, and herbal tea. I actually wanted the things I needed.

My Antiviral “Parade”

Just for the sake of completeness, I’ll list what I was already taking before I got the flu (or should I say, the flu got me). My health is a long story, but basically I have long-standing immune problems that have led to a number of persistent infections… from viral, to bacterial, to fungal and everything in between. Dr. Louise has had me on the following:

  • Garlinase: 4 tablets per day (equivalent to about 8 heads of garlic)
  • Colloidal Silver: 1 ounce of 20ppm daily
  • Lecithin granules: 1 tablespoon daily
  • Monolaurin: 600mg twice daily
  • Lysine: 3,000 mg daily

She had me continue all of these while adding the flu treatments. I don’t know which of these things did the trick, but most likely it was a combination of all. What I do know is, she kept me out of the hospital. In fact, it appears she kept me from the most common complication of the flu–a secondary bacterial infection that can lead to pneumonia–and she did it without antibiotics! Those secondary infections are what kill people, rather than the flu virus itself.

If you think you have the flu, please use common sense and see a doc if you’re super sick. But I share the above for anyone who wants to implement some natural remedies, which will work in many cases. Maybe you don’t want to do all of it, but any part of the above is better than nothing. But again, I emphasize, see your own healthcare practitioner if you aren’t getting better.

I did not and will not get a flu vaccine, because I don’t want my immune system stressed. The natural remedies support, as opposed to stressing, the immune system.Hopefully you will avoid the dreaded flu altogether, but if not, this protocol worked for me. And if it can work for this immunosuppressed human, I can only believe it would work for a lot of folks!

And for a great video (3 minutes) about how influenza invades, click here!

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