Free Online Class: PALEO PLUS

I recently completed a two-part training for Harmony Hill’s health web seminar series. It’s about the Paleo diet, although just as in my book, I cover a variety of nutrition issues that apply to everyone–Paleo types or otherwise. You can obtain more in-depth information from, and of course from my book.

In this class, I cover why the standard American diet is pro-inflammatory and what it’s doing to our health; bad dietary advise and misinformation that is detrimental and out of step with current science; outdated nutritional standards; the benefits of the “ancestral diet”–eating like a caveman, or at least how to incorporate some of those principles without undue stress or getting overwhelmed with rules and restrictions. I should have called it “Nutrition with Kindness.”

Each of the two parts is about one hour long. Enjoy!

Paleo Plus: Part One

Paleo Plus: Part Two


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