My Cat Has MRSA

My 17-year-old Manx Manny has been diagnosed with MRSA, much to my (and my vet’s) surprise. My kitty care plans for my upcoming trip to see my daughter in Boise later this week have been turned upside down.

My first boarding arrangement was not appropriate as her kitty guest room is not really “sterilizable,” and she has two other kitties. Her cancelling was understandable. But what’s been shocking is that THREE veterinary clinics have refused to take him for the week I’ll be away, including one with a specially built isolation room for animals with a disease such as this! At that point, I stopped calling places and decided to search out in-home care arrangements. Fortunately, a friend graciously agreed to come house sit for me… but what a nightmare!

Typhoid Manny is actually doing very well, despite the fact there are no antibiotics that will treat this superbug, on top of his presumed nasal cancer. We’re treating him with curcumin, a medicinal mushroom blend, low dose prednisolone, azithromycin (for the ordinary nasal bacterial overgrowth), and I’ve just started him on colloidal silver, shown effective against MRSA. He’s perky, as feisty as always, eating well, and you would never know he had all these issues by looking at him.

So, if you have one of those kitties with chronic upper respiratory issues, you might want to argue in favor of a nasal culture. MRSA is becoming more of a problem with our pets, as well as our peoples, in today’s world where super bacteria are showing up everywhere. For more information on MRSA, this is a good FAQ on the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

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