About Me


I am an artist, Clinical EFT practitioner, and author living in Olympia, Washington. Having grown up an only child, I learned to enjoy solitude and spent most of my time drawing, painting, reading, writing, and pondering the nature of the universe.

My mind was always brimming with questions for which no one seemed to have answers, which is probably why I turned into a science geek. I found relief from all of the “mind chatter” in art, and to this day if I’m not creating something, I feel restless and unsettled—as if I’ve misplaced an important part of myself.

My educational background is in the sciences. My first Bachelor’s degree was in Geology (1985), second in Nursing Science (1989), and then in 1996 I completed my Master’s in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Since 2008 I’ve worked as a freelance health writer. I published my first book in 2013, Is the Paleo Diet Right for You? Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science.

My life path has been directed by my passion for healing, which is reflected in my art. After practicing as an advanced practice nurse in many different capacities, I moved into more holistic mind-body approaches like energy medicine. I’m a Reiki Master, Kundalini yoga student and a Clinical EFT practitioner (tapping).

I’ve also been a student of A Course in Miracles for more than a decade—which was the birthplace of “Tiny Mad Idea.”

I enjoy working with natural stones, crystals, and metals. I love the idea of transforming Earth’s amazing geological formations into art by mimicking its geological processes—pressure and heat—so I utilize quite a bit of hand forging and torching. Applying fire to raw copper brings out a myriad of amazing colors! I also believe in the power of words and I use them in my work… words can serve as gentle reminders to keep our thoughts aligned with spirit.